l3n4 (lenaisawsome) wrote in songwerds,

DNR (11:30)

Upside down,
Inside out,
So confused, (replaceable with: messed up/explative)
And I can't get out

I wanna jump into the sky tonight,
I wanna fly and soar with the birds,
I wanna sing, sing til the sun comes out,
I wanna share my soul til it hurts

I wanna beat these drums,
Til the rhythm runs,
So the earth and moon will shake,
I wanna strum these strings,
Til my fingers bleed,
Til your soul just wants to quake

I want my heart to beat to the rhythm,
Of every single song I hear,
And the day that all the music dies,
They'll be a medic shouting, "clear!"

Curious for feedback, constructive criticism, and comments. Anything to make it better is much appreciated (saying a negative comment w/ out a reason or idea to make it better is a waste of server space).

I thought this up at about 11:30 last night in bed. I jotted it down on a scrap of paper so I wouldn't forget it.
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