Slaanesh (niot) wrote in songwerds,

Shores apart

I tried to create a series of poems about the castle that never lets in, though the deepest secrets are hidden behind its walls, but actually I've stopped having written just two verses
One of them:

Shores apart
I roam along the river berth
Where leaden shallops doze
where shores have never seen the mirth
And yawnful gale blows

There I forgathered wizen men
That plodded from their boats
my dormant questions fell in fen
Though tried to tap the road

I asked again where gates were reared
To let me in the hall
They haled their bags with cherished bread
And passed in hasteless roll

But one of them with glazy eye
Took thought and stood beside
"No mortal knows where graspless sky
Has paved the way inside'...

With scattered thoughts I stood alone
In loathe for somber shore
Two widowed eyes with sterling moan
Embraced the dusk of gore...
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