Claire Amano (slippedaway64) wrote in songwerds,
Claire Amano

Fade Away

Breathe and remember
The burning of yourself
Your soul catches on fire
And it burns like hell
That is the allege that you are in hell
But then comes the rain
Tears that saves you from that burning place
And making up such lies that brings you there again
Take yourself away from all those alibis
Fade away, away from the night
The darkest nights in the cold
Where there are distant lies
Just fade away, fade from the far away rues
Let go of what you’ve done
So close, so far
Just leave it all alone.
You appear to be on the earth
Still singing high with your moans
Wandering the ends of the earth
Not knowing what you’ve done
And you give up on life
The very life you’ve lived alone
Running away, or taking the easy way out
You fly away into the sky
Finally free and distant from your bonds
There you see the ends
And the world has gone around
Singing and crying in great joys
Watching them suffer the pain you’ve felt
You cry because you faced that alone.

i'm not really good with this stuff, but anyways enjoy! heh. please comment if you like it or not. i don't really mind if you say you don't like it. heh.
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