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Forever is a Lie

(okie it's more of a poem, but it works for my acoustic. wrote it in like 5 mins at 3:30 AM last night.)

Tears have blurred the mask of makeup
now twisted under the spotlight.
Like an actress forgetting her lines,
I wish I could forget you.

But your eyes won't slip from my memory.
Blue and dull you sealed your fate,
as you have sealed mine with the lies you sold.

Tears fall cold upon my cheek,
as I retrace your words in red ink across my wrist.
Summer's captivation seems to never end,
and I revisit those few months with every night I lie alone.

What where once reasons have now become excuses
and my sweet dreams tread the edge of a nightmare.

Out of breath and trapped in a vicious cycle,
the world spins before my eyes
and your image grows out of focus.

No matter what was said,
hold no doubt that I was right.
My voice breaks and cracks from lack of air
as I try to speak these last words.

Why can't there be a forever?

This was all I found
and all I have to remember.
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