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the note

listen, ive had a secret held in silence for the longest time,
but i think its time i let it out and let you know whats on my mind,
your my best friend, ive always been there for you but i,
need to let you know im decaying from the inside,
i display a smiling face to convince you im okay, but im not,
ever since the day we met your never far from thought,
its a battle ive been fighting with, should i tell or not,
but im afraid if keep it locked inside im gonna pop,
so hear and listen close i only want to say it once,
and fast, cuz if i take a breath ill lose my train of thought,
so here it goes, i love you..oh my god it feels like a great
weights been lifted off, now let me say it soft,
i love you..i always have i always will,
ill never let you down ill be by your side untill, my last breath,
and now its now or never, love or break me, escalate me with a yes
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